Women's Roster

Ellie Howard

CEO / Director / Head of the Women's Roster

Fleetwood, Lancashire

Women's Roster


Trained by Robby Brookside possesses a track & field background as well as Lance Storms academy in Alberta Canada

Coventry, England

Women's Roster

Harmony Sky

From Fife, Scotland

Women's Roster

Victoria Adams

A 2nd Generation star in the making.. ⭐️ Victoria Adams 🔥

From Coventry UK

Women's Roster

Leah Raven

Wolverhampton - UK

Women's Roster

Mia Cortez

Deep from the sea of Cortez...

She's one of the most exciting young female talents around. The one and only Mia Cortez!

Women's Roster

Ayesha Raymond

With no induction needed, all round entertainment superstar, as seen on TV, wrestling. ... the face that runs the place at Fierce females wrestling...
She is aka The BIGFEMVADOR , aka The amazon

Women's Roster

Kirsty Love

From Glasgow Scotland

Women's Roster

Lana Nevo

From Odessa, Ukraine